bigstock-puzzle-and-key-16320834The Internet is the first place home buyers and sellers go for information on properties, values, and real estate agents. It is also the first place they look to research a referral or an agent marketing themselves in the community. When they do, what will they find?

Today, your online reputation is a deciding factor for buyers and sellers choosing an agent. It is essential to have comprehensive profiles and testimonials online, reinforcing the choice a client makes.

At NextHome Today building your reputation and online profile are easy. Our integrated real estate marketing software and partnerships in programs like Trulia Accelerate, automatically pushes more of your profile information online straight from our system. We also set up an integration with Reach150, offering every agent and office a personalized, NextHome Today branded profile and site for testimonials from clients, colleagues and team members. We make connecting with your clients through an enhanced web presence efficient and effective, allowing you to zero in on the real estate commission plans offered with NextHome Today.